We Are Here for You

This week, about one-half of all Americans went to the polls to vote on our country’s next president.  The result of the 2016 election, based upon his capturing of more than the required 270 electoral votes (note: he did not win the popular vote) is that a man who ran a divisive campaign based upon building walls (literally) and cutting people down will be our next president.   

We are lawyers whose passion it is to fight for what is right and to stand against what is wrong.  It is our job to stand up for workers who have been discriminated against because of their race, disability, national origin, sexual orientation, gender, religion, or age (to name a few).  We fight for workers who have not been paid for work performed.  You could say that we fight for all the people whose stories are so similar to the people whom our next president has bullied, as a businessman, a candidate, and a fellow human being. 

Though discourse and tone may have taken a negative shift with the legitimizing of our president-elect's extreme behavior, the laws of our state and country that protect against such hateful and hurtful words and actions in the workplace remain.  As long as these laws exist, Albrechta Law will use them as our legal weapons in the constant battle against injustice, discrimination, and other ignorant and hate-based actions.   

If your employer or coworkers engage in the type of hateful and discriminatory behavior that has become normalized by the 2016 election, please consult with an attorney.  If your employer has failed or refused to pay your overtime or for all the hours that you have worked, please consult with an attorney.  It is important that you know your rights.

Dave and Eleni are passionate lawyers who stand up for what is right and who will fight for you.  Please call (970) 422-3288 with any questions.