"We needed counsel for an unusual case and had no idea how to begin the selection of an attorney!  In a perfect world you want someone that you can "connect and communicate with", who is a caring, compassionate listener with the ability to strategize.  An online ad or the phonebook cannot reveal that, only an honest review from a previous client!  After an hour consultation with Dave Albrechta, we felt very comfortable and found him and Eleni both to have all of these qualities and more.  Dave's preparation and tactics for our case were thorough and organized.  In the courtroom, he "shined"!  He was poised, confident, knowledgeable, and calculated and had a contagious positive attitude.  Needless to say, with Dave's amazing representation, we were thrilled to win our case in District court.  Dave and Eleni are the ultimate professionals and wonderful people!  We wholeheartedly recommend them!"   - Stephen T.

"I would recommend David and Eleni's firm because of their earnestness and diligence.  I was kept appraised of my legal situation and my options were clearly communicated to me on a timely basis.  It was a comfort to have a local firm I could trust and rely on.  I would not hesitate to retain Albrechta & Albrechta LLC should the need ever arise in the future."  - Jacquelyn M.

 "I have successfully closed a very difficult case with the professional aid of David and Eleni's legal services!  I was so impressed with how professional this duo works and communicates.  Their knowledge ensured my case a success and was processed in a timely manner.  I would highly recommend their services."  - Trish M.  

"They took care of all of our concerns.  They talked us through the right thing to do.  They reassured us when things got dicey.  Dave and Eleni met all of our deadlines."  -Tom L. 

"I absolutely adore Eleni and Dave!  With the experience I have had with attorneys, these two are the ONLY attorneys I truly felt were not only professional and knowledgeable in employment laws but also showing true compassion, empathy as well as being up front and honest (something I've never felt working with an attorney).  I highly recommend these two; they were very easy to talk to and you feel almost like a friend instead of just another client."   -Roxanna S.

"I have had the pleasure of working with Dave and Eleni for several years in many regards. No matter the subject, they prepare themselves better than anyone I've worked with. In opening a business, they provided everything I needed with simple instruction and advice. When helping with my wife's immigration matters, Dave studied the subject matter and helped me decipher what needed to be done. I'd recommend them to anyone; friend, family, or stranger."  -Bart H.

"Dave and Eleni were amazing to work with!  They went above and beyond with their services.  They showed great empathy and managed our case with great knowledge in tenant/landlord law.  I highly recommend them.  They are a wonderful team."  -Lindsey E. & Austin G.

"I wish to share that I love Dave and Eleni's "wayness" of being attorneys.  They both expressed genuine kindness and thoughtfulness as human beings in the process. More than I can express here, I appreciate both of them greatly, and I am blessed to have experienced this exercise in the human condition being represented by the two of them. It gives me hope for mankind that even those in powerful positions on this earth can be compassionate and caring for those who are in need of assistance and guidance as I was."  -James F.

"I am so thankful to have found David and Eleni's legal services! My boyfriend and I desperately needed advice for purchasing a home. We had absolutely no idea what we were doing. We were buying from a For Sale by Owner, so we did not want to get a real estate agent. David and Eleni went above and beyond, and we could not have been happier with how things turned out. I highly recommend Albrechta Law for all your legal purposes."  -Heidi N. & Joe W.

"These lawyers are professional and I have had excellent experience with them as both a colleague and as a client. They exude intelligence, confidence and excellence. They are young and hungry, ask the right questions, pay attention to detail, passionate about helping people, and have impeccable customer service. These aren't your every day Durango attorneys."              -Ariel W.

"Dave and Eleni are Great!  They explain everything in detail definitely professional, great communication when ever I had a question prompt answers is what I received they go above and beyond."  -Vanessa V.

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