Business Planning and Organization

During his time as a Law Clerk at Albrechta & Coble, Dave helped create over 15 partnerships, LLCs, corporations and non-profits.  These businesses ranged from the complex corporate set up of a locally owned Ace Hardware franchise to assisting start-up partnerships and LLCs.  Dave and Eleni are very aware of the issues involved in starting your own business and that every dollar matters in the early days of a new business.   Hiring a lawyer to advise you on a choice of entity, create your corporate records, and help plan for growth and expansion is a crucial step in the early process of any business.  Dave and Eleni understand the risk involved in starting a new business and they are dedicated to advising and counseling you to put you in a position of success.  

Choice of Entity

Choosing the right entity (e.g. partnership, limited partnership, LLC, S Corp, C Corp, Corporation, etc.) for your line of work, your future goals, and to maximize your income as you begin is crucial for the long term success of your business.  Dave is acutely aware of these choices and decisions and is there to help clients make the right decision for their business.  The attorneys at Albrechta & Albrechta understand the importance of having an accountant involved in these discussions, and they are ready to work with the accountant of your choice or help you find an accountant that will meet your needs.

Corporate Records

To many business owners corporate record books, annual meetings, and resolutions feel like a formality that has no bearing on their day-to-day operations.  However, corporate records can be the difference between a plaintiff "piercing the corporate veil" or not.  In other words, if you are sued because your company, your company's agents, or you as a business owner caused harm to a third party, you must have proper business records in order to take advantage of the limited liability your choice of entity provides.  Dave is experienced in running board meetings, drafting resolutions, and keeping operation agreements (or other governing documents) up to date.  By hiring Albrechta & Albrechta, you will help ensure that (as far as corporate records go) you are protected from personal liability.  Please seek legal advice and counsel on this matter, as the test and elements for piercing the corporate veil are much more complex than corporate records; however, corporate records and formalities are one very important step in that analysis.


Our lawyers worked for 4 years as Law Clerks in a firm that handled collections for itself, businesses, and professionals.  Collecting payments from customers can be one of the hardest things to do as a business owner.  No one wants to take their own customers to court.  However, if you or your business performed a service and have not been compensated, you have every right to use the court system to obtain payment for your services.  Albrechta & Albrechta will pursue these claims for you and will work with you to get the money owed to you for the work you have performed.  Call today to set up a collection plan with Albrechta & Albrechta.


Employees are a crucial part of any growing business.  When you hire Albrechta & Albrechta to counsel you on your business organization or planning, you also are hiring attorneys trained in employment and labor law.  This gives you a unique advantage as your business begins to expand and you begin dealing with employees.  Small businesses do not often have the capacity to have their own HR departments.  Having Albrechta & Albrechta on your side will give you lawyers to consult with about tricky and unsettling employment decisions in the context of your business plan so that you can avoid litigation.  Wouldn't you rather spend your time and money making your business successful than worrying about employment issues?

Non-Profit Corporations

Dave and Eleni have been involved in the set-up of multiple non-profit corporations.  They also helped a 20 year old non-profit company update its corporate record book, comply with the Ohio's non-profit reporting requirements, and getting the non-profit's IRS 501(c)(3) designation back.  They are aware of the unique issues that face non-profits and they are ready and willing to help.  Dave and Eleni are able to assist with anything non-profit related, from a general review of a non-profit's corporate records to giving a presentation to your board members about a particular legal issue your organization may face (e.g. self-dealing, updated records, reporting requirements, etc.)  Please contact us today.